Everyone is Welcome Except For You!

Ah! Easter is right around the corner and as the time is quickly approaching, so is the anticipation of the Easter Bunny, food, holiday schedules, Easter break, etc... I am a happy single Mom to my amazing Amber Grace. What stinks about Easter this year, is I won't see her. Yup! As per our custody agreement, Amber goes with her Dad this year. Last year, I allowed her to spend sometime with her Dad's family for Easter. This way, she got the best of both worlds. It isn't always like that, though.

My very first Christmas without Amber was gut "wrenchingly" awful. I wouldn't wish it on the Devil himself. I could never imagine a holiday without my daughter and I was experiencing it first hand. These are the things that separated parents go through. Because, the majority of my family resides in Boston, and with my current custody schedule, it wouldn't even be possible to visit my Boston family. I was alone, all by myself for the first time at Christmas in 2014.

Because, I had this most awful experience, I know what it is like to be alone on a holiday. I NEVER want ANYONE to experience this.. EVER! Now, every holiday I open my home to people who don't have a place to go. Some people have custody agreements, some people are experiencing loss of parents, some people have family who live so far away and can't afford to visit them. Some peeps just want to hang with me because I crack jokes and make it fun! Whatever the reason, if you don't have a place to go this Easter, my home open to you. Dinner is at 2 p.m. and if you show up after 2 p.m. please note you will be eating leftovers. Happy Easter from my family to yours!

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