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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

With Covid and the thought of potentially contracting this terrible virus which could result in death has me thinking about the legacy I leave behind in this life.

Please take note, this is not a depressing post but one that should make everyone reflect back on their life and see what their legacy is. They say that greatness is determined by service. What service have you provided to others? Your legacy is every life you touched in someway.

I've been asked why I pay for the coffee of the person behind me in the drive through line? Why do I open my home to people on the holidays to enjoy a warm meal? Why do I gift people wine and become the wine fairy during lockdown? Why do I ask if my friends are okay and if they need anything. Why?

It's because I know how cruel the world can be. I know how cruel people can be. I know how selfish some people can be and I refuse to continue to spread the toxicity. I don't need anyone to hear my political opinion if it is just going to cause more upset. I don't need to be right all the time. I don't need to blast someone on the internet because they think differently, look differently, love differently, act differently than I do. If that person is happy and they aren't harming anyone, why bother? I'm too busy leading a life of service and purpose.

Your legacy is every life you touch.

Service + significance = success

With all the toxicity in the world, if I could change one person's perspective and then that person can change someone else's, who would I be if I didn't try? Can you imagine what gridlock we can eradicate if we all chose to just do it together? What mountains could we move? I still believe in the goodness of people.

The man who holds the door open for others at the grocery store. The kids who offer free water to marathon runners to spread awareness for breast cancer or some other worthy cause. To the woman who places the shopping cart back so it doesn't "ding" another person's car. To the next door neighbor who does an elderly persons grocery shopping... You are the everyday heroes. It is never too late to start your life of service. How will you serve today to make the future a more brighter and happier place? What legacy do you want to leave behind? I believe in you!

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