Look Ma! I lost Weight & Feel Great!

Hey There! I'm Melody! I'm a 39 year old single mom to an amazing young lady named, Amber Grace. Losing weight got incredibly harder as I started getting older. I've always struggled with my weight. Especially, during those awkward teenage years. I have also tried so many different diets that are out there. I'd lose the weight and then gain it back. I even tried diet pills!

None of those things are truly healthy. My goal this time around was to just feel good. I was sick and tired of feeling like crap. My before diet would consist of pizza everyday, brownies, cookies, chips, ice cream, and coffee. I was reaching for all of those comfort food items. What I learned in this process is that I was trying to console some deep rooted emotions. You see, growing up, my Father would call me "fat." There were even times he would say, "Are you really going for a second slice; you don't need it." This was coming from a person who was unhealthy emotionally and considered obese himself. I didn't realize that fact in those particular moments. It took until I was much older to realize how unhappy he was with himself and those words were a reflection of how he was feeling towards himself.

My regime?

My thoughts became lighter. I started talking to myself much gentler. I meditate everyday. I started out with just a quick 5 minute meditation daily. I monitor my thoughts. "These are bad foods" no longer exist to me. "I can't believe you just ate all of that" no longer exist to me.

My plates are salad plates. I make sure half of my plate is veggies and the other half is pizza. I reside in Buffalo, NY so the pizza wasn't a slice. I would always stack two slices. I am still doing better than eating a whole half of a pizza by myself!

I drink half of my weight in water. For instance, you weigh 200lbs? You drink 100 oz in water daily. The first thing that enters my body in the morning is 8 oz of lemon water. Water helps you feel full and gives your skin a glow.

I make sure I take a probiotic every day. This helps with digestion. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. I just make sure there are different cultures in it. I certainly feel more regulated.

I cut back on alcoholic beverages. I found out magarita's have almost 1000 calories in them. Though, I may still drink one here and there, I cut back greatly. This would be a staple at most of my "girls night gatherings. " I swapped this out for a glass of red wine.

I make sure I get my steps in. I don't work out at a gym. I walk for 90 minutes everyday. I started out with just 30 minutes. This was easy for me to do, because I have a yellow lab named, Apollo. If Apollo doesn't burn off his energy, he eats my walls or my shoes. Getting a dog that is active as he is, is the best thing for my overall health. I feel bad when he doesn't get a walk.

My sleep is regulated! I make sure my sleep is consistent. I know I need at least 7 hours to feel good. Anything under that, I tend to over eat and feel crabby. I make sure the temperature in my room is cool. I sleep with a fan on and I always have my cool mist humidifier going with tranquility oil. I even indulged in a new mattress and gorgeous new bedding. My sleep and well being is worth it!

In regards to food, I don't fast but I limit my portions. I love making my food plate look colorful with fruits and veggies. I do drink some protein shakes but nothing crazy! I don't count calories or carbs and I certainly don't limit myself. I practice mindful eating. You do this by putting your fork and knife down between bites and chewing your food. You think about what your body needs and whether or not you are full. Listening to your hunger cues are important.

If I want chips while watching a movie, I measure out how much I want. This helps me from not eating an entire "family size" bag of chips. I also try to model good food behavior for my daughter. No phones at the table while eating dinner and we make all of our meals at home. We have one day a week where we will go out to eat and that's it! My goal is to make fast food non existent, but my daughter loves McDonald's chicken nuggets and I don't want to deprive her, but we certainly enjoy it within moderation.

The picture above is when I was 225lbs in the TV series I starred in. Today (Pic with hat on), I weigh in at 180lbs. I would love to get down to 150 but I am focused more on the non scale victories than the actual number. I lost this amount of weight in 6 months by practicing the tools listed here. I would love to help you get to where you need to be by being your personal cheer-leading coach. email me: melody_nardone@hotmail.com

Stay well! Stay happy! Stay healthy!


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