The Key To Your Own Happiness is Gratitude

My birthday just passed in mid November and I was allowed to truly reflect back throughout my entire life. I am so blessed to do so many amazing things. I was able to check experiences off of my bucket list and surpass my goals.

With success comes failure. That is the ebb and flow of life. The key to failure is to examine what happened and not be afraid of it. All too often we allow this fear to consume us. It paralyzes us to move forward in life with any of our goals and decisions. I can relate to these exact moments. I tried to pick up the pieces from those failures. Within those broken pieces you feel like you are losing pieces of yourself. THIS IS OKAY!

What you have to understand is in those moments, you are shedding old skin and preparing for new skin (no pun intended) to develop. Don't pick up the pieces! Leave them alone! You aren't those pieces anymore! This next moment is an opportunity to be the best version of yourself. The new and improved version with lessons learned. That is where your strength lies.

When setting a goal, you'll need to envision the end result. Visualization is a fantastic tool to utilize to your advantage. The key to visualization is to think about yourself performing the steps along the way to be successful. The next part is putting it into action. A simple 5-10 minutes a day of severe focus on this specific goal you have in mind, helps move mountains! Whether it is to perform a simple google search and learn whatever you need to on the subject matter, or talking with someone who is an expert. All of these "little" things aren't so "little" as eventually, it will lead you to achieve your goal.

Remember, baby steps still move you forward.

Take some time to rest as well. To rest, is to heal. Sleep is holy!

The important factor and one that I truly want to focus on especially nowadays is DON"T compare yourself to others. I am personally guilty of this. I scroll Facebook looking at my friends lives who own beautiful homes, and have families that get along, perfect relationships, vacations, dinners out, an amazing career, etc... etc... etc... and it starts to make me feel bad about where I am in my life.

What I've grown to understand is that no one has the perfect life. Before posting their vacation picture, that couple could of had a huge fight, or before posting the cute baby picture, the baby spit up all over the Mom, the list goes on and on. Social media is not real. Long gone are the days of keeping up with the "Joneses." I've learned that when I focus on my life and what I am doing, that is when I truly feel successful. Living in the moment. Being still. Practicing gratitude. The more blessings I count, the more I will find. I also took a course from Yale University called, "The Science of Well Being." This course will give you more info on how you are self sabotaging by comparing yourself to others. The key to your own happiness is gratitude.

A new habit I have developed is to write down 5 things I am grateful for every night before I go to bed. I've learned, there's a lot to be grateful for! Life is truly a blessing and while I am here, I'm going to make it count. I hope you choose to do the same.

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