The Power of a Pause

I was raised to always stick up for myself and to be an advocate for myself. It is important to not be treated like a door mat. When you allow people to continue to treat you poorly,

it says a lot about your self worth. You are worthy of an amazing relationship! You are worthy of having your dream job! You are worthy of perfect health! You are worthy of love! Don't allow anyone to bully you and react in a way that is your "fake" self. I say "fake" self because we are all divine beings with light inside of all of us.

I've developed a bad habit to reacting to everything. EVERYTHING! What I didn't realize is I was giving my power away each and every time I would react. It takes an amazing amount of self control to choose not to react. There is a tremendous amount of power within you when you stop, pause, and choose to not react. By choosing to direct our thoughts, feelings, and attitude allows more of that light to come in and we can truly transform everything around us.

The next time someone says something to you that is off-putting, or you found out your spouse was flirting with other women, or your boss criticized your latest presentation, stop, pause, and breathe. Here is a little mantra that can help in times like these...

Inhale deeply through your nose and think of "let there be light."

Exhale slowly and think to yourself, " let there be light behind me, in front of me, to my left, to my right, let there be light above me, beneath me and in me."

Try this the next time someone is trying to get a reaction out of you. Remember, love makes everything easy. Faith makes everything possible. Hope makes everything work.

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